Quality, customized equipment solutions.

When it comes to the equipment on your leases, and the software solutions that support your business, quality and reliability are critical. At PetroPower, we believe that your investment in technology deserves the best we can provide. That’s why we use only the highest quality hardware from OleumTech and developed proprietary software that is both comprehensive in its reporting and easy and instinctive to use. All of which makes Well IQ® one of the most accurate, durable, reliable and user-friendly data acquisition and remote monitoring systems on the market today.

To help you understand how these critical components contribute to the reliable operation and efficiency of Well IQ®, explore our hardware and software solutions. We think you’ll agree that no other system can provide the same comprehensive, high level performance.

Hardware: Quality Equipment

Precision Equipment for the Digital Oilfield.

With Well IQ® from PetroPower, you can make the digital oilfield a reality for your company. You’ll gain access to a wide variety of critical data, so you’ll know what’s happening on your leases 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you’re also a natural gas producer, we can tie the system into select flow computers to provide relevant data in the same online dashboard, so you can see the status of your entire operation at a glance. 


The Well IQ® Measurement Package

Our Well IQ® Measurement Package is designed for flexibility and optimal data acquisition, and includes:

  • Dual-level (oil and water differential) ATG's, with rigid stainless-steel rods or flexible PVDF sensors for saltwater tanks or tall stock tanks.
  • Flow for water and gas that measure flow pressure and help identity production issues at your wells.
  • Pressure for utilization on the lead line, pumps, triples motors, wellheads and more.
  • Current monitor amperage and notifies you in case of power failure and when power is restored.
  • Temperature monitor for the flare, tank and pipeline.

Additional equipment is also available to fit your unique needs. Call us today to discuss your application, and we can develop a custom solution for your operation.


Wireless transmission from your lease.

With sensors and instrumentation in place, Well IQ® can gather a wealth of real-time data that can help you make sound financial decisions and maximize production on your leases. Yet once gathered, the data must first be transmitted from you leases to our servers for review and analysis before being made available for display on your dashboard.

To transmit data, we utilize OleumTech wireless gateways and cellular modems to provide a reliable and constant connection to our central hub. When leases are in relatively close proximity, one central gateway and control panel can serve multiple leases, minimizing redundancy and reducing the overall cost and complexity of installation.

The utilization of cloud technology is a perfect solution for energy companies wishing to avoid making a large investment in a dedicated — and expensive — internal IT network, and delivers instant information to the entire organization. This information can be accessed on the go, from the office — wherever it is needed to make critical business decisions.


Quick installation and set up.

Unlike other data acquisition and remote monitoring products, Well IQ® capitalizes on wireless technology to rid your leases of exposed and cumbersome wiring and trenches. As a result, where other systems might take days to install, Well IQ® uses wireless equipment that can be installed on site in only hours. Because our professional installers handle set up and installation for you, you can be up and running fast, allowing you to start using the system’s powerful tools and insights.

Watch our video, and see how fast and easy Well IQ® installation can be.


Ongoing service and easy mobility.

PetroPower doesn't just manage data. Our elite staff of field service professionals is trained and certified in all of the equipment we offer, so whether its calibration, installation, or trouble-shooting we are capable of meeting your needs. And with our new generation of wireless solutions, you’ll have the flexibility to move equipment from lease to lease in minutes — unlike hard-wired systems that can take hours or days to move.

Hardware: Generating Data

For Well IQ®, only the best will do.

In developing Well IQ® for energy producers, PetroPower partnered with OleumTech, a leading globamanufacturer of wireless oilfield automation, to ensure that on-site equipment would be accurate, reliable and durable. OleumTech sensors, wireless gateways and cellular transmitters provide unparalleled performance that will keep your operation running smoothly, while our professional installation and ongoing support will ensure long-term reliability.

PetroPower is a proud partner and reseller of quality OleumTech wireless measurement products.


Designed for corrosive environments.

Rugged sensors and equipment are designed for the corrosive environment of your oil leases. Every component is rated Class 1 Div 1 and built to last. Instrumentation is also classified for explosive environments, so any unlikely spark or short would be contained within the housing.


Proven accurate to account for every drop.

Because they are designed especially for oilfield use, OleumTech sensors provide accurate readings you can trust. In fact, one Well IQ® customers put their sensors to the ultimate test, comparing their results with manual readings and other instrumentation to gauge their accuracy to 1/16th of an inch. The OleumTech sensors proved spot-on in a wide range of environments and tank sizes.

Software: Putting Data to Work

Software solutions that put your data to work.

Thanks to a comprehensive system of sensors, Well IQ® generates a massive amount of raw data at every lease. Once it is received at our hub, all of this data is automatically fed into our proprietary system to be reviewed and analyzed. The system flags any anomalies or unusual readings for immediate attention, and feeds the resulting data to your dashboard. Once there, the data assumes an easy-to-understand, graphic-based form that provides high-level “at-a-glance” information for all of your connected assets, as well as the ability to drill down to specific details for each lease, well or tank connected to the system. As a result, the dashboard is equally valuable to both company management and the pumpers who work the leases on their behalf. And since it is accessible from any computer or mobile device, utilization is easy no matter where workers might be.


Designed to simplify, not complicate.

At PetroPower, we spent a significant amount of time talking to pumpers and operators about the information that is important to them and how they can most easily digest that information on the go. We worked closely with them in developing a dashboard that is powerful, instinctive to use and delivers the information needed to quickly and efficiently identify and address issues as they occur.


Customize and control access your way.

Because PetroPower manages and hosts all of your data and management systems ourselves, we give you the power to control what information is viewed by each user. For example, you may want individual pumpers to view only the leases they work on, or have access only to certain information stored within the system.

With Well IQ®, you’re in the driver’s seat, and have complete control of your data from day one. You can set threshold production volumes and tolerances, and receive notifications if production fails to meet your expectations. You can also customize your alert structure, designating who within your organization receives alerts and when, based on schedules and availability.


Simplified reporting with real-time data.

Through the Well IQ® dashboard, you’ll also have access to advanced reporting functions that will make managing your business more streamlined and less dependent on dated information. You’ll have access to production reports that provide opening and closing stock numbers, total oil production and average oil production for all of your leases. Run ticket reports provide individual truckload and average truckload figures. Best of all, our reporting uses real-time data that is continually updated. So instead of relying on readings and data that may be days or weeks old, you’ll be making decisions based on current information and a clear picture of your entire operation’s profitability.

What our customers are saying:

Well IQ® has streamlined our entire operation. Production is up on EVERY lease. Our field personnel utilize it all day long. This increase would not be possible without this system. No one likes to think about it, but if the worst case scenario happens and oil crashes down to $35 a barrel, we could run our whole operation with only four employees utilizing the PetroPower Well IQ® system on our leases. This is not a luxury item. It becomes even more valuable if market prices take a dive. Certainly regulatory, cleanup and lifting costs would not change much, so streamlining and efficiency become even more valuable on the margins. That’s where remote monitoring comes in.
PetroPower’s Well IQ® monitoring system has been a great investment for our company. We’ve been able to spot drops in production quickly and have saved thousands in spill prevention. The quality of service with PetroPower has been fantastic. They didn’t just leave us when we were up and running. They are there for us if we have any questions.
We have been a PetroPower customer since 2011, and have found the Well IQ® system to be a great asset to our field operations. The alert system, tied directly into our pumpers’ and foremen’s cell phones, gives us early warnings. On our saltwater disposal tanks, the system alerts us when oil accumulates in water tanks and when the water level increases, preventing potential spills. On our oil tanks, we can monitor daily production and be alerted when oil is being drawn from the tank for sales or possible theft/leak. I would highly recommend PetroPower for monitoring field operations.
I recently had an issue with a water hauler on the discrepancy of a run ticket. I watched all this on the PetroPower dashboard production graphs in real time as my stock tank dropped 10bbls of oil while the water hauler was supposedly offloading from the SWT. I confronted the water hauler on the phone about the discrepancy and he denied it, so I sent my pumper out that night to color cut and gauge the tank. The PetroPower tank leveling sensors were right on the money, proving a little over 10bbls of oil was missing. That put an end to the debate and my problem with the water hauler and my company was resolved very quickly.
We began using PetroPower about a year and a half ago to keep better track of our wells’ performance and production. I like that we can check and monitor the wells at any time while we are in the office. At times, we spot problems before our pumper is even aware of it. We receive alerts when any crude is taken (theft and leak protection) and the production reports verify the crude oil purchases down to an eighth of an inch. It hardly takes any time to install and their staff has always been over the top in customer satisfaction.
Well IQ® is as good as gold! You would be surprised at how much time it saves me every day. First thing in the morning, I can check my tank levels and the current at my REDAs to see if I have any trouble spots that need immediate attention. It helps me plan my day out, which in the oilfield gives me a head start on targeting the areas where production was lagging from the night before. Plus I get separation alerts on my tanks that let me know immediately if I have an upstream gun barrel or knockout issue which I can immediately monitor and fix so we can get back online. The system has personally saved us from several major spills, one of which was near a river system. It gives me peace of mind at night when I head home from the field.