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Remote monitoring eliminates the need for manual measurement and keeps crews off tanks and away from hazardous H2S exposure, weather exposure and other risks, reducing liability.

scene1_boxReveal On-site equipment provides timely, accurate data on all aspects of well and tank operation, notifying you — and your hauler — when tanks are near capacity, reducing full tank idle time.

Sensor data is broadcast wirelessly to a centrally located collection box. The wireless system is more economical and reliable than hardwired systems.

scene2_boxReveal The box maintains a wireless uplink to transfer data quickly and securely from your lease to PetroPower’s cloud infrastructure.

Data is securely stored in the cloud for as long as you need it, providing the historical data you need to track production trends and well life cycle.


Sophisticated software analyzes every piece of data received from your leases, flagging important events so that you can respond.


Critical events trigger automatic SMS or email alerts to notify your personnel when immediate response is required to prevent spills, theft or well failures.

All data is displayed on an easy-to-use dashboard, soyou have immediate access to the reports and information needed to track trends and respond to issues that impact production.
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You can access the dashboard from any mobile device, allowing you to retrieve data anytime and anywhere you choose.

Alert notifications and event prioritization lets you respond quickly to critical events and plan more efficient routes for employees to reduce delays, minimize risk and prevent downtime.

FinalScene_TrucksRoadTanks NEEDS IMMEDIATE ATTENTION CHOOSE BEST ROUTE So you can keep your operation running smoothly and account for every drop of oil you produce.

That’s how Well IQ® — the most advanced and responsive remote monitoring system available today — puts “The Power of Knowing” in your hands for greater efficiency and profitability.

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